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Our Yoga Classes

Breathe, Flow, Thrive: Embrace Wellness with Our Diverse Yoga Offerings.

At Magma Yoga our diverse range of yoga classes offers a transformative experience for practitioners of all levels. From the grounding foundation of Hatha Yoga to the dynamic sequences of Ashtanga and the graceful flow of Vinyasa, our classes cater to various preferences.

Whether you seek an invigorating Power Yoga session or the serene restoration of Yin Yoga, our classes are crafted to nourish your body, mind, and soul. Join us on the mat to explore the holistic benefits of yoga and experience the journey of self-discovery.

Each session comprises four integral components:

Asana (Physical Postures)

Guided poses to promote flexibility, strength, and balance,integrating breath and meditation.


Focus on intentional breath control to energize the body and calm the mind.


Sharpen your focus, enhancing the mind-body connection during the practice.


Journey inward for tranquility, mindfulness, and self-awareness.

Yoga Classes Tenerife Schedule

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Our Yoga Classes in Tenerife

At MagmaYoga, we take pride in offering yoga classes designed to meet a wide range of needs and levels of experience. Our philosophy focuses on four fundamental pillars that define our teaching:

All-Inclusive Adaptability

MagmaYoga welcomes practitioners of all levels, offering adaptable options and variations for diverse needs.

Style Fusion

Seamlessly blending creative and traditional styles, our classes provide a unique and inspiring yoga experience.

Deep Understanding and Personalization

We deeply understand individual needs, guiding each practitioner with personalized attention.

Bilingual & Welcoming

Enjoy a bilingual experience in English and Spanish, fostering a welcoming environment for a diverse community.

Asthanga Classes

Asthanga Yoga is based on Patanjali’s eight limbs. It is a dynamic and higher-level sequential asana based practice, which consists of different series.

Asthanga practitioners strive for reaching a higher level of consciousness through dedicated practice and mental awareness. It is a lifetime practice that will show you that there are no limits in the world.

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Vinyasa Classes

This yoga system is characterized by the synchronization of the breath with the movement of the body. 

Each of the important yoga asanas (postures) is practised with different and elaborate vinyasas (variations and movements) and each posture is linked to the next through a succession of transitional movements synchronized by breathing. "The mind carefully follows the slow, smooth and controlled ujjayi breathing, and the union of the body and the mind takes place with the act of breathing as a harness."

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Yin Classes

Yin Yoga is a gentle and meditative yoga style to relax in the present moment and restore the body, mind and emotions. It helps you to reach deep connective tissues and make the fascia around the body more flexible. It also helps strengthen the ligaments that support the joints and connect the bonnes.

The postures (Asanas) are completely passive, they are held for a much longer time (1-5 min) and targeting the muscles is no longer the main objective. Holding the asanas longer will allow you to feel a deeper connection to your body, maintain attention and manage how far you go in each asana.