At MagmaYoga Retreats, we aspire to offer you the ultimate gateway experience, sharing our love for yoga and energy work.

We work passionately to create a magical atmosphere where you can focus on yourself and your personal growth. Come stay in a stunning sunny villa, surrounded by a breathtaking and quiet landscape. Eat fresh, healthy meals and allow yourself to disconnect and recharge your energy.

Our retreats are taught by professional, well-known teachers trained in authentic Indian Yoga traditions. 

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14:30 - Check-in 

15:00 - Lunch

17:00 - Intro Activity 

19:00 - Intention setting 

20:30 - Dinner 



7:30 - Pranayama 

8:00 - Sunrise Yoga

9:00 - Breakfast 

11:00 - Breathwork & Inner Dance 

14:00 - Lunch 

17:30 - Deep Sharing session

18:30 - Yin Yoga (Juan Tepui live)

19:30 - Kirtan

21:00 - Dinner


7:30 - Pranayama 

8:00 - Vinyasa Yoga 

9:00 - Breakfast

11:00 -  Breathwork 

14:00 - Lunch 

17:30 - Inner Dance

19:30 - Ecstatic Dance

21:00 - Dinner 



7:30 - Pranayama  

8:00 - Yoga 

9:00 - Chakra Breathing

11:00 - Brunch 

14:00 - Outdoor closing circle 

All meals are included.

The food we serve will be vegetarian/vegan.

*Please, send us a message if you need other diet options, gluten-free, dairy or any allergy.




Beautiful villa located in a sunny, quiet area at the south of Tenerife. 

The villa consists of

  • 5 bedrooms,

    • all with private bathrooms. 

  • A large kitchen.

  • Porch overlooking the private garden and pool.




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Yoga and Meditation teacher



Come get connected with your authentic self through the practice of yoga and energy work. Join us in learning how to switch off our thinking minds, disconnect from social programming, and experience the act of simply being Here and Now.

Learn to create and redesign the life you want to live.


We are such powerful creators and the magic designers of our reality. 

Here’s for you saying: YES! to remembering your true essence, your ecstatic bliss. 

You are free.

You are divine.

You are a creator.


The Inner Dance allows us to connect to higher intelligence and from that placed magic happens with the least bit of effort, and reconnects the self back to the intuitive Self within.

“The Inner Dance isn’t something one learns. It is something we remember. When the remembrance takes place, the energy begins to align the person in multiple dimensions and the inner and outer transformation is obvious. It is as if the person is suddenly freed from a prison of limitations and observably awakens to the true nature of self not in days but sometimes in sheer minutes.” Roxana


We explore energy work in different forms. 

Our ceremonies invite you to explore breath to connect with your heart, higher self,

soul and source.

And we are using breath, sound and movement to support you reconnect to your sovereign divinity.

Through breathwork, we explore air as plant medicine that can naturally lead to expanded states of consciousness.

In these extraordinary states, where time, space and reality bend, we can journey into other worlds, timelines and dimensions. We can experience life-changing, spiritual awakenings, creative visions or receive long-sought answers. These often bring sensations of oneness, connection, divine communion and waves of love.

Revelations pour in. 

And with them, a new reality is being created as well.


Yoga gives you all the tools to improve your quality of life and have a better understanding of your reality. It will teach you to use your inner technology to be free and achieve peace, joy and love.

Yoga is about a mental and physical practice that allows you to connect body and mind through breathing.

There are several styles of yoga that combine physical postures, breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation or relaxation.

We will practice some of the yoga styles from the most dynamic ones like Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga to the most relaxing and passive ones like Yin Yoga and meditation. Each session involves concentration, pranayama (breathwork), asanas (physical postures), and relaxation. All yoga sessions are of various levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, as we offer variations of each pose. Classes are in English and Spanish.

If you want to know more about the different yoga style classes, please click below.